Crafting Lives Together: Purpose, Prosperity & Peace

We will help you make wise financial decisions, especially when life gets confusing. Life is full of transitions. Some changes are expected, but many are not. We’re here to assist you in navigating through life’s transitions and creating the best life possible with the resources you have. Whether it’s objective advice, educational programs or financial guidance, we’re here to work with you and your family to create a better life.


Help Your Kids Think &
Act Wisely About Money

In this workshop, you will help your child to:

  • Articulate a sense of purpose
  • Communicate about money
  • Explore what success means for them
  • Learn vital time management skills
  • Set goals for prosperity and contentment
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your money

Keep the Celebration Going
After the Wedding

Forty-two percent of couples that regularly talk about money described their relationship as “extremely happy.”

  • Understand one another’s connection to money
  • Prevent future conflict through communication
  • Build a foundation for your unique story

We’ll help you and your spouse develop a roadmap for success, and have some fun along the way.

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3 Simple Questions that Can Dramatically Change Your Life

I recently began evaluating some of my beliefs and how they influence my daily routines. What I discovered wasn’t exactly shocking. I had developed some beliefs through the years that no longer serve me well, in that they were the basis for my daily routines. One example of a belief that impacted my daily activity […]

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5 Steps to Pay for a Wedding Without Going into Debt

The average wedding costs $35,329 according to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study.1 This figure is up 8% from the national average in 2015 and does not include the honeymoon. On average, 42% of wedding costs are now covered by couples rather than their parents.2 As you consider marriage and long-term happiness, I encourage you […]

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Reduce Your Anxiety: A Better Way to Manage Finances and Life

Stress increases with a shift in our culture, there are challenges to generate wealth for retirement, but there are proven ways to get off the hamster wheel and create balance. Does your chest tighten with anxiety at the thought of adding one more item to your “to-do” list? Would you like to minimize that anxiety? […]

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CFP Certifications

Best of Mainline Media News 2016, 2017 & 2018 Main Line Parent & Philadelphia Family Shields

Thank You

Thank you to those clients, colleagues and friends for voting us #1 in the 2018 Readers’ Choice “Best of the Main Line” Awards. Winning this award for the third year in a row means a lot to us! We are encouraged and enthusiastic to continue providing the highest level of service possible.

What our clients say

Engaging with Blair Wealth Management in the domain of finance led to many intriguing surprises. They first offered incisive questions in a number of areas of my life to determine how best to serve me. This unique process helped clarify what mattered most to me and why.

Their objective, to really get to know the client, supported me in putting my values and vision into focus. It also allowed us to proceed with a deeper sense of how to best take care of my financial concerns.

What an enlightened, refreshing and balanced approach into an arena that frankly, I have not always been anxious to visit.

Steve Bloch

Consultant & Music Publisher
Nashville, TN

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Recommended Reading

Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life
by Robert C. Solomon

In business, politics, marriage, indeed in any significant relationship, trust is the essential precondition upon which all real success depends. But what, precisely, is trust? How can it be achieved and sustained? And, most importantly, how can it be regained once it has been broken?

In Building Trust, Robert C. Solomon and Fernando Flores offer compelling answers to these questions. They argue that trust is not something that simply exists from the beginning, something we can assume or take for granted; that it is not a static quality or “social glue.” Instead, they assert that trust is an emotional skill, an active and dynamic part of our lives that we build and sustain with our promises and commitments, our emotions and integrity.

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