Crafting Lives Together: Purpose, Prosperity & Peace

Keep the Celebration Going After the Wedding

Forty-two percent of couples that regularly talk about money described their relationship as “extremely happy.”

  • Understand one another’s connection to money
  • Prevent future conflict through communication
  • Build a foundation for your unique story

We’ll help you and your spouse develop a roadmap for success, and have some fun along the way.

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Help Your Kids Think & Act Wisely About Money

In this workshop, you will help your child to:

  • Articulate a sense of purpose
  • Communicate about money
  • Explore what success means for them
  • Set goals for prosperity and contentment
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Newlyweds – How Roles, Communication and a Mission Affect Your Marriage

A study published by Business Insider found that – during the first and third years of marriage – money matters were the most commonly reported source of marital arguments and that couples with high amounts of debt generally have lower levels of satisfaction in their marriages.1 So many factors contribute to the success of a […]

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How the Annual Checkup Can Help You Help Your Kids

Similar to our recommendation for couples to use their wedding anniversaries to examine marital relationships on an annual basis, families can significantly benefit from the annual conversation or check up. It offers an opportunity to ask critical questions such as: What is working for our family? What is not working? What does each of our family members really care […]

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Help Your Child Excel in 2017 and Beyond. Introduce Him to Goal Setting and Planning.

Setting goals and learning to achieve them is an important life skill. It isn’t complicated or time consuming, but it can seem scary. Here are my ideas on how to gently introduce your teen and get him or her into the habits of planning. It will pay off for all of you. Frame it as […]

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CFP Certifications

Best of Mainline Media News 2016 & 2017

Recommended Reading

The Little Book on Meaning. Why we crave it
by Linda Beirman Fortgang

In The Little Book on Meaning, Fortgang reveals that while our hunger for a “meaningful” life can be enormous, our desire for meaning is usually satiated by small, bite-size morsels of meaning-the little, almost incidental events or “achievements” that comprise the fabric of our lives. According to Fortgang, meaning is where you look for it and through tenderly drawn stories from her own life and the lives of those around her, she shows readers how they too can peek around corners to discover the small elements of their lives that truly matter. Where are some of the easiest places to look? Fortgang takes readers through five other “M words” beyond the godfather of them all-Meaning-that will serve as markers on the path.

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What our clients say

Engaging with Blair Wealth Management in the domain of finance led to many intriguing surprises. They first offered incisive questions in a number of areas of my life to determine how best to serve me. This unique process helped clarify what mattered most to me and why. Their objective, to really get to know the client, supported me in putting my values and vision into focus. It also allowed us to proceed with a deeper sense of how to best take care of my financial concerns.
What an enlightened, refreshing and balanced approach into an arena that frankly, I have not always been anxious to visit.

Steve Bloch
Consultant & Music Publisher
Nashville, TN

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