Design and Plan While You Can, Rather than React After the Fact

Help in Navigating Life’s Most Important Transitions

In life, we go through many transitions.  Two have profound effects on us. In our youth, we went through adolescence. We separated from the pack, identified our calling, secured the needed education, and went to work. Now as we reach our 50s and 60s, the final chapters of our lives come into view. We want […]

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How to Effectively Manage the Risks of Being an Entrepreneur

This article was written for the American Executive Centers and has been published on its blog. Winning at starting your own business involves an accurate understanding of the risks involved and how to manage them or transfer them. Entrepreneurs understand that risk is an integral part of creating something innovative and of value. They know […]

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How to Help Your Child Design His Summer to Support Future Success

Help your teen make this summer count perhaps even more than those past. Help him develop the “muscle” for connecting summer activities to what he cares about. This process involves wrestling with and revealing more clearly your child’s concerns. Sometimes our own concerns compel us to project those ideas upon on him. Doing so doesn’t […]

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I have known and worked with Mark Blair for about 20 years. Mark and I belonged to the same organization where I decided to volunteer as treasurer. Without any prior experience in this area it was a considerable challenge for me, but Mark coached and mentored me over the next two years, speaking with me weekly on the various aspects of the job.
We discussed bookkeeping aspects of the work but even more important, Mark mentored me on the checks and balances of bigger life lessons. Little by little, I began to ask questions of my financial advisors and attorneys and learned the “rules of the game.” Now I successfully manage my own money including household accounts, farm accounts and properties. I feel so empowered and happy, and I love the overall planning process. I can finally speak with my financial advisors in an educated, non-intimidated way in which I offer value to the conversations.

Lindsay Shea – Philanthropist and Equestrienne
Livingston, NY – 917.279.0692
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College admissions path less choosen

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Thank you for considering us in your quest to achieve lifelong wealth and happiness. We strive to provide you with the easiest access to the necessary information for creating a life abundant with monetary, intellectual, and meaningful accomplishments.

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U.S. News & World Report staff writer, Deborah Ziff, interviewed Mark Blair for advice on using graduation money for college savings. “I think that college is probably the best investment that a young person can make,” says Mark Blair.

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