Help Your Child Excel in 2017 and Beyond. Introduce Him to Goal Setting and Planning.

Setting goals and learning to achieve them is an important life skill. It isn’t complicated or time consuming, but it can seem scary. Here are my ideas on how to gently introduce your teen and get him or her into the habits of planning. It will pay off for all of you. Frame it as […]

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How to Effectively Manage the Risks of Being an Entrepreneur

This article was written for the American Executive Centers and has been published on its blog. Winning at starting your own business involves an accurate understanding of the risks involved and how to manage them or transfer them. Entrepreneurs understand that risk is an integral part of creating something innovative and of value. They know […]

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Dollars and Sense: Teaching Financial Literacy

I recently had the privilege to work with a writer, Jes Lyons, from Main Line Parent Magazine to contribute to her article focused on financial literacy for children. We don’t want our children worrying about money — we want them enjoying their childhoods. But financial literacy should be part of their education. Even if you’re […]

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Working with Blair Wealth Management has given us peace of mind because we know we are prepared for the future. Mark Blair has been our advisor for 15 years and has consistently helped our family successfully manage critical areas of our lives. He has worked closely with us to develop comprehensive plans that include major expenses such as our child’s education and our retirement. The sense of peace that comes from having a trusted advisor is invaluable.

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Thank you for considering us in your quest to achieve lifelong wealth and happiness. We strive to provide you with the easiest access to the necessary information for creating a life abundant with monetary, intellectual, and meaningful accomplishments.

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Significant! From Frustrated to FranneTastic
by Franne McNeal

In her book Significant! From Frustrated to FranneTastic, (author, serial entrepreneur, speaker and radio show host), Franne McNeal, MBA uses the power of storytelling to help women know themselves, connect with their personal power, take control of their lives, and turn obstacles into options. With well-known fables, stories from her own life, sharp insights, and workbook-style questions, Franne McNeal teaches women to “Step Up to be Significant” by increasing by increasing their commitment to get going, embrace opportunity, find support, accept love and be significant! Says McNeal: “Women face increasingly demanding lives, and feel as if career success and a balanced, happy life are in perpetual conflict! I wrote my book with all women in mind — students, kitchen-table entrepreneurs, and corporate executives — to offer women a do-it-yourself, practical path to living life in a more purposeful, creative and successful way.”

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If you like and trust your financial advisor, I’m glad for you. Having been in the advisory business for over 20 years, I know the value of a good relationship with the person who manages your money. But don’t let personal feelings overshadow your right to understand how he or she manages your portfolio.

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