How to Help Your Child Design His Summer to Support Future Success

Help your teen make this summer count perhaps even more than those past. Help him develop the “muscle” for connecting summer activities to what he cares about. This process involves wrestling with and revealing more clearly your child’s concerns. Sometimes our own concerns compel us to project those ideas upon on him. Doing so doesn’t […]

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Spotlight on One of Radnor’s Finest Volunteer Boards – CARFAC

Article from “Wayne Living” Magazine, February 2017 by Elaine P. Schaefer. One of the most remarkable qualities of Radnor Township that sets it apart from many other communities is the incredible number of smart, engaged and generous residents who volunteer for our numerous and varied boards and commissions. These extraordinary, ordinary citizens give their time, effort and expertise to […]

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Smart Retirement Planning Solutions for Small Business Owners

This article was written for the American Executive Centers and has been published on its blog. Are you a sole practitioner with a legal, engineering, real estate, medical, investment management, marketing or other professional practice? Or do you work for a company and have a lucrative side business? Is your spouse your only employee? Are […]

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Mark Blair did a GREAT job of building a curriculum for all of us at the Ontological Design Community Conference, and facilitated it beautifully. Thank you for the wonderful contribution you made to our community!

Ron Kaufman – Author Ron Kaufman is a New York Times Bestselling Author and globally recognized as a keynote speaker, columnist, management consultant, author and founder of the customer service training company, UP! Your Service. Ron was also a workshop participant of Our Golden Years as Conversations of Design, October 25, 2014, Menlo Park, CA. Read more

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Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life
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In business, politics, marriage, indeed in any significant relationship, trust is the essential precondition upon which all real success depends. But what, precisely, is trust? How can it be achieved and sustained? And, most importantly, how can it be regained once it has been broken?

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