Crafting Lives Together: Purpose, Prosperity & Peace

We will help you make wise financial decisions, especially when life gets confusing. Life is full of transitions. Some changes are expected, but many are not. We’re here to assist you in navigating through life’s transitions and creating the best life possible with the resources you have. Whether it’s objective advice, educational programs or financial guidance, we’re here to work with you and your family to create a better life.


Help Your Kids Think &
Act Wisely About Money

In this workshop, you will help your child to:

  • Articulate a sense of purpose
  • Communicate about money
  • Explore what success means for them
  • Learn vital time management skills
  • Set goals for prosperity and contentment
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your money

Keep the Celebration Going
After the Wedding

Forty-two percent of couples that regularly talk about money described their relationship as “extremely happy.”

  • Understand one another’s connection to money
  • Prevent future conflict through communication
  • Build a foundation for your unique story

We’ll help you and your spouse develop a roadmap for success, and have some fun along the way.

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6 Steps That Can Help Your Troubled Teen Achieve Full Recovery

In the fable of the Eagle and the Chicken, an eagle is raised as a chicken. It acts like a chicken. The eagle believes it’s a chicken and is limited to the abilities of a chicken as long as he’s restricted to the barnyard and chicken coop. A naturalist arrives and attempts to get the […]

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How to Reduce the Odds of Your Child or Teen ‘Falling Down the Rabbit Hole’

Setting boundaries can be essential. Your instinct is to do everything possible to keep your child or teen out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, parents may lack awareness or be in denial regarding the important role that the family system plays in a teen’s risk of engaging in potentially dangerous behaviors, or in the resulting need […]

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5 Steps to Pay for a Wedding Without Going into Debt

The average wedding costs $35,329 according to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study.1 This figure is up 8% from the national average in 2015 and does not include the honeymoon. On average, 42% of wedding costs are now covered by couples rather than their parents.2 As you consider marriage and long-term happiness, I encourage you […]

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CFP Certifications

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What our clients say

Mark’s expert skill as a consultant, coach and designer of personal and career ambitions has helped me produce a very fulfilling career and lifestyle balance, which is founded on a healthy marriage and positive family relationships. Mark has helped me produce this lifestyle and these relationships through a rigorous pragmatic and philosophical framework. Working with Mark has also helped me develop leadership [and followership] skills that are fundamentally effective and competitive in all business and personal situations I have encountered.

Mark Hall
Federal Banking Regulator
Philadelphia, PA

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Recommended Reading

The Way the World Works
by Jude Wanniski

Jude Wanniski’s masterpiece defined the policies at the heart of the Reagan economic boom that continues today and promises a coming century of global peace and prosperity. Writing with a simplicity and liveliness uncommon to his subject, Wanniski offers a fresh general theory of the world’s political evolution that explains how and why economies fail and succeed, now and as far as we can imagine.

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