Crafting Lives Together: Purpose, Prosperity & Peace

Help Your Kids Think &
Act Wisely About Money

In this workshop, you will help your child to:

  • Articulate a sense of purpose
  • Communicate about money
  • Explore what success means for them
  • Learn vital time management skills
  • Set goals for prosperity and contentment
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Keep the Celebration Going
After the Wedding

Forty-two percent of couples that regularly talk about money described their relationship as “extremely happy.”

  • Understand one another’s connection to money
  • Prevent future conflict through communication
  • Build a foundation for your unique story

We’ll help you and your spouse develop a roadmap for success, and have some fun along the way.

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How to Reduce the Odds of Your Child or Teen ‘Falling Down the Rabbit Hole’

Setting boundaries can be essential. Your instinct is to do everything possible to keep your child or teen out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, parents may lack awareness or be in denial regarding the important role that the family system plays in a teen’s risk of engaging in potentially dangerous behaviors, or in the resulting need […]

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Is Trade School a Viable Option for Your Child’s Long-Term Financial Success?

Abandoning or delaying a 4-year degree goes against the grain for most affluent families in the U.S. It opposes a core belief they’ve developed, possibly over the past several decades. It’s the idea that vocational education is for students who are underachievers or possess lower intelligence. This belief has been proven false. Honors students are electing to attend […]

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5 Steps to Pay for a Wedding Without Going into Debt

The average wedding costs $35,329 according to The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study.1 This figure is up 8% from the national average in 2015 and does not include the honeymoon. On average, 42% of wedding costs are now covered by couples rather than their parents.2 As you consider marriage and long-term happiness, I encourage you […]

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CFP Certifications

Best of Mainline Media News 2016 & 2017 Main Line Parent & Philadelphia Family Shields

Blair Wealth Management Proudly Supports the Main Line Parent LOVE Awards

Businesses, services, and community members deserve to be recognized in the greater Philadelphia area. Some of the very best of them are getting a LOVE Award provided by Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family.

To celebrate the winners, please join the community for the event on May 9 from 7:30 — 11 pm at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia!

General admission tickets get you two hours of an open bar, food, a swag bag, and lots of fun! VIP tickets get you an extra hour. Plus, Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family Supporting Members get a discount!

This year’s raffle benefits Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse!

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What our clients say

Thank you, Mark Blair, for showing me that money is just one component of a much bigger picture. You helped me see that networks, talents, intellect and imagination all play critical roles in our overall life success.

Lindsay Shea
Philanthropist and Equestrienne
Livingston, NY

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Recommended Reading

The Parallel Process
by Krissy Pozatek

For many parents of troubled teenagers, a therapeutic program that takes the child from the home for a period of time offers some respite from the daily tumult of acting out, lies, and tension that has left the family under siege. However, just as the teenager is embarking on a journey of self-discovery, skill-development, and emotional maturation, so parents too need to use this time to recognize that their own patterns may have contributed to their family’s downward spiral. This is The Parallel Process.

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