How the Annual Checkup Can Help You Help Your Kids

Similar to our recommendation for couples to use their wedding anniversaries to examine marital relationships on an annual basis, families can significantly benefit from the annual conversation or check up. It offers an opportunity to ask critical questions such as:

  • What is working for our family?
  • What is not working?
  • What does each of our family members really care about right now?

Below are some of the key areas that we will explore during the workshop process.

Create better relationships through effective communication.
Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is vital and basic to successful family functioning. Research indicates that families that communicate in healthy ways are more capable of problem solving and tend to be more satisfied with their relationships. It is an essential building block of strong marital, parent-child, and sibling relationships.1

Diffuse issues before major conflict arises.
When a family argues, the cause is rarely what we think it’s about. Surface frustrations may appear to drive the conflict. But long-hidden wounds and deep insecurities are generally what lie behind the anger. When we feel unloved or rejected, abandoned or misunderstood, we tend to feel like we’ve failed.2 Feelings of failure are a common catalyst for miscommunication and conflict.

Modify your parenting style as your children age.
It’s difficult to see our children grow up. We want to protect them. Parents can unintentionally create conflict and the breakdown of communication in relationships with their children as they age. Acquiring and engaging in more age- appropriate methods of communication can significantly increase satisfaction in parent-child relationships.

Generate and pursue a shared sense of mission.
As your family participates in this program, we will help you develop a shared sense of mission. This is a mission that all family members believe in. One in which all family members promise to work toward the same goals and vision. For the purpose of our workshops, a family is viewed as a system with both a collective, or shared, sense of mission as well as each individual’s mission.

I invite you to consider the concepts above. Then contact me with questions, or schedule an appointment to discuss our workshops. We are skilled in the design and reconstruction of relationships to help your family formulate, deliver, and listen to well-grounded and well-intentioned assessments offered to enhance your relationships.

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