cognitive reserve

Wealth Matters Little When You’ve Lost Your Mind

Imagine John, who’s in his 70s. He’s become ever-more forgetful; frequently unable to find his keys, forgetting his children’s birthdays, and then one day he gets lost returning home from the golf course. A neurologist diagnoses Alzheimer’s. This may be a very uncomfortable picture for you.  Unfortunately, it’s an uncomfortable reality. Presently, more than a […]

7 Steps to Build Your Cognitive Reserve

It is never too late to start building your cognitive reserve—there is research to prove it.1 And, the more activities the better. Here are seven ways to build your cognitive reserve. Deviate from your routines. While routines may be time savers, they often cause our brains to go into auto pilot. Breaking from a routine […]
cognitive reserve

Investing in Your Cognitive Reserve

Like investing in your retirement, the earlier you start investing in your cognitive reserve the better. The concept of a Cognitive Reserve has been around since 1989, when analysis of deceased Alzheimer patients showed that some had fewer symptoms while they were alive than their actual pathology suggested they should have.1  Investigators believed that patients’ […]