‘Charting the Good Life’: Your Invitation to a Series of Conversations.

couple at grand canyonAs an investment advisor I help people plan for the future, conserve and manage resources so they can take care of what matters to them, now and later in their lives. In this process each new client -– or client couple — begins by articulating their vision, a first step in charting the good life.

We begin the ‘charting’ conversation to map out paths to that vision. As a client, you may know what you want in life, but not how to make it happen. You may know where you want to go, but not how to get there. That is the fun of it. You have concerns and promises, dreams and commitments; I have an array of tools to assist you in taking effective action. This is where – as navigator – I pull out my map and compass and show you how to begin to use and benefit from these tools.

As we get acquainted, I observe how you relate to money. Do you see wealth as an end in itself, or as a tool for design of new possibilities for you, your children, and others whom you care about? Here we begin to have the strategic, or – as I call them – ‘how are we going to pull this off?’ conversations, which can extend over time, and into many areas.

I work with each of you to map out effective strategies to assess what you are going to do or not do, based on what is important to you now, and what new opportunities or concerns arise in the process. The acquisition of skills is gradual, sequential and deeply engaging.

This series of posts – entitled ‘Charting the Good Life’ – is structured around the most enduring aspects of being human, each of which presents unique opportunities and risks.

I offer them as an invitation to reflect on what is happening for you in each of these realms, consider what is working or not, preserve or change what you wish, and forge for yourselves the best life possible given what is going on in the world and the resources you have available. I don’t provide the answers. I ask powerful questions and support you in wrestling with them if you choose to do so. Meanwhile, after we have come to trust each other, I manage your money prudently to preserve and cultivate your wealth.

If you choose to engage with these questions on this public blog, or by writing me directly, you may also choose to join me and others in free, no obligation conference calls and webinars on these topics.

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