College Preparation

Smart College Choices: Scholarships, Leadership and Service Through the ROTC

As parents, we look for ways to teach our children how to prosper and achieve increased fulfillment in their lives ...
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FAFSA: Is It Worth Your Time?

Absolutely. For most parents, college funding is central to your financial life. It is one of the largest investments you’ll ...
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Did You Know That Your Child Could Graduate from College Only to Discover That a Robot Has Filled Her Dream Job?

How can you prevent this from happening? Anticipate and act now. Reexamine the career plan you are designing with your ...
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Mindful Education Leads to a Lifetime of Prosperity

Adolescence is a difficult stage of life. Trying on different identities, developing emotional intelligence and socialization skills, deluged with social ...
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College admissions path less choosen

Internships and Co-operative Work Experiences

Vital Components of Individuation and Career Development Your son or daughter may have some ideas about the career he would ...
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cognitive reserve

Will Your College Graduate Decide to Change Career Paths? Consider Community College This Time.

What if your child finds herself on an unsatisfactory career path following graduation? This is more common than most parents ...
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Teach Your Child How to Set and Accomplish Goals for a Lifetime of Success

You may have set short-term goals with your student as urged in my recent article, “Help Your Students Get the ...
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School Activities & Athletics: The Benefits of Teamwork

The new school year is in full swing!  Like many families, you may feel overwhelmed by the various school, sports ...
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College Admissions Tests: The Importance of Being Prepared

College is one of the largest financial investments your student will make (or you will make on their behalf). But ...
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mindful education

Dream, Explore and Inspire: Mindful Education Leads to a Lifetime of Prosperity

Your child’s first job after graduation may not lead directly to her ultimate career path. However, this strategy provides a ...
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Help Your Child Survive the College Admissions Process

No one likes to be told “no” but it is a part of life from very early on for nearly ...
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529 plan

The Benefits of Giving an Uncommon Graduation Gift

You may already be suffering from tuition exhaustion if your child is just graduating from college, but I urge you ...
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Have You and Your Child Considered an Uncommon Career Path?

The success of Justin Friend, a young welder recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, is just one more example ...
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Educating Your Children Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle (or Their Dignity)

So you're wondering where to invest in your child's education: at which point in the 16+ years of schooling would ...
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