What To Expect

What you can expect as we work together to develop meaning, alignment and prosperity for you and your family:

  1. Immediate clarity about the fees you are paying an investment advisor for asset management, financial planning, coaching and consulting.
  2. Understanding of how your money is managed according to fiduciary standards and how your investment results compare to an appropriate benchmark or standard.
  3. Help to establish and manage relationships with a vetted bookkeeper, CPA and lawyer in order to manage your finances properly, minimize and file your taxes, and take care of estate planning concerns including wills, durable powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney and trusts as needed. The services of these professionals will be an additional expense to you.
  4. Training from an independent financial advisor to manage your personal finances. You will begin to understand where your money comes from and where it goes, and align the incomes and expenditures to your career and personal goals – the things you really care about.
  5. To become more settled and focused on taking care of your family, career and retirement concerns keeping in alignment with your individual and collective visions.
  6. To improve your communication with family members, business associates and others.
  7. To become more productive in managing your personal and business affairs.
  8. To improve skills for evaluating your own situation, performance and other areas where you strive to provide leadership and successful decision-making.
  9. Help to design and carry out plans that improve your situation within your family, work, career, community and other areas of your life.
  10. Less anxiety and guilt over supposed mistakes or errors of judgment you made in the past, or may make now or in the future.