What We Do

  • We provide you with personal attention and customized services in private wealth management including second opinions, and comprehensive financial plans.
  • We evaluate your current situation to identify and discuss potential issues to help us manage your portfolio effectively.
  • We operate according to a strict fiduciary standard. Check out this article to understand how our adherence to this standard saves you money. https://blairwealthmanagement.com/financial-adviser-make-money/
  • We prefer to purchase Vanguard funds and ETFs when they are suitable for you, as they are typically the least expensive to buy and own.
  • We help you harness your financial resources to enhance the lives of your family.
  • We help you sharpen your communication skills and develop other skills and habits to help you achieve the balance that you discover is possible through design in the areas of meaning, alignment and prosperity.
  • We explore with you and your family your vision for the future and help you paint that picture as it changes over time as possibilities improve or diminish.
  • We stay connected with you on a regular basis through phone calls and meetings to help you convert your formulated plans into action.
  • We make ourselves available to you so that you can ask questions as well as express and address concerns you have about your progress on wealth management initiatives you’ve engaged in as elements of your life ambitions and goals.

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t get paid commissions, other fees or prizes from brokerage firms or other parties.
  • We don’t favor certain investments.
  • We don’t purchase mutual funds with front-end or back-end loads.
  • We don’t get compensated by firms that have underwritten certain stocks and must sell them.
  • We don’t purchase investments that are suitable for you but not in your best interest. A broker must sell you investments that are suitable, but they may be loaded with fees and have high expense ratios. Check out this article for more on how your financial advisor gets paid. https://blairwealthmanagement.com/financial-adviser-make-money/